• RMWS websites are copyright protected through DMCA and are sold with personal usage rights only.

    Resale of the website (Modified or unmodified) is only permitted if it is sold with the original domain name that the website was installed with. You are not permitted to make copies of the website, and your purchase of the website is your agreement to acceptance of these terms.

    RMWS spend a great deal of time and effort developing a great product for serious marketers looking to build an online business, and we would like to keep it that way!

    We sell a limited amount of copies of each of our websites, and if we were to allow the resell of our property, the websites would be all over eBay, business for sale and classified sites etc. which would effectively make our product and our business worthless. This is why no resell/developer’s rights are given.

    • If you wish to resell the website, you would first need to agree to the following terms.
    • You must advise RMWS of your intention to sell, and we will provide written confirmation if the resale is agreed.
    • The original website could be sold once only, with the original domain name that it was installed with.
    • The website is sold for a minimum price of $49.99.
    • The website is not sold in direct competition with a similar RMWS product.
    • You do not try to claim, design or ownership rights of the design whether the website has been modified or unmodified.
    • You agree to provide an RMWS Licence notice to the new owner. (We will issue this if resale is granted) This will be similar to the terms and conditions are shown here.