Q: Are there any other costs or charges?

A: No, the only additional charges you will have to pay if you don't have the hosting or the domain. The website hosting charge, of $29.99, which is payable prior to us transferring the website to you. Please note that hosting is prepaid and nonrefundable, which enables us to keep our prices low This cost renewable annually. If the domain name is included with the purchase then the Domain Name Renewal charge to NameCheap/Godaddy (Approx $9.95 or less) will also be payable after the first 12 months. If you are not using the existing hosting and would like us to install the site on your server, there will be a $25.00 installation charge.

Q. Do you sell 100’s of copies of the same website?

A: No. We limit the amount of each website only "ONE COPY" before we totally redesign the site and add new content and images. You shouldn’t worry about duplicate content as these sites have between 15 -20 articles that you are encouraged to replace and/or edit. Plus as you build your business and website you will be adding new content on the regular basis so your site will be unique.

Q: I’ve never run a website before – What Knowledge do I need?

A: Absolutely None! Your new website updates automatically, so no work is required to maintain it. However, you will probably want to grow your site, by adding more articles. This is a simple process that can be managed by the sites control panel.

Q: Do you run my new website for me?

A: No. This is your business, and the operation is down to you. Advertising and promotion of your business, are not included with the purchase of this website.

Q. Is the website easy to edit/change?

A. Yes, the site has its own control panel which makes editing and adding content simple.

Q: Can I make money from this website?

A: Absolutely! Websites and Internet Marketing are; proven money-making businesses and you can start generating income immediately through pay-per-click, and by posting to forums and blogs with the link back to your site. For your website to generate natural search engine traffic will not happen overnight, and if you study the SEO optimization course, given as a bonus here, you will be well on your way to an automated income system.

Q: Can I have a refund if don’t like the website?

A: Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds for our downloadable products which you will get instantly after the payment. The return is only available for the physical products which include the shipping. We have the cost of the domain name, as well as the hours going into building the website and updating the codes etc. You able to see the actual site in operation before you decide to buy, and with proper promotion and marketing, your income will quickly outweigh the cost of purchase.

Q: How long does it take for my website to be ready?

A: All our products are digital download so you don't have to wait weeks to receive them.  You will receive download links instantly after purchase where you can download the websites directly to your computer in a zip file format.

If you do need help setting it up feel free to purchase the installation package on our website and we will happily set it up for you!


If you have any problem with your downloadable files then please email us: [email protected]

Thanks for visiting and good luck making money on your new website!

Q: Can I change the existing and add new articles to my website?

A: Yes. The articles are Private Label, which means they can be edited and classed as your own work (In fact we encourage this) You can also add additional content, banners, affiliate links, and any other changes you prefer as you have  100% ownership of the site.

Q: Can I resell my website?

A: No. This website is sold with personal use rights only, it is not sold with any resale rights, You may not make copies of the website and resell them as this would breach the terms of our copyright.


Q: What happens next if I buy any Tour & Travel Websites Script?

A: You will receive an email, after you have made payment, with step by step instructions, on how to join the merchants' programs (e.g. Travel Payout, HotelsCombined, Amazon & Clickbank). Once they have forwarded your affiliate ID you need to enter them into a form that we will send you. Once completed the form should be sent to us, and we can then begin to update the website with your new ID’s which will enable you to be paid by the merchant. We will aim to have your new site live within 3 working days – often a lot faster. Please note we cannot guarantee acceptance into each merchants program, however, we will offer advice on how to complete your application.

Q: Do I need a business license to run this site?

A: No, anyone can run this website without a business license because as a travel affiliate you are simply the gateway to send visitors to travel suppliers for commission earnings. As no money transaction is made on your actual site, a business license is not required to run.

Q: Are the travel affiliates programs free to sign up?

A: Yes, all travel affiliate programs we have partnered with are 100% free to sign up and it only takes a few moments to open accounts with each affiliate provider. We provide full instruction in the order.

Q: How do I track my earnings?

A: After you sign up for the travel affiliate programs, you will be set up with an account for each with a username and password to login to track your earnings and withdraw when you choose. It's simple!

Q: Do I need experience running this site?

A: Unlike most websites that require you to have some experience managing, this fully automated, self-updating and turnkey travel affiliate business requires absolutely no experience to run online.

Q: What is the earning potential running this site?

A: The average you can expect to make with this website is $1+ per visitor from targeted travel traffic.This means with only 100 visitors per day you could earn $100 per day, 200 visitors a day could earn $200/day, etc. As you grow your traffic and exposure, your earnings will continue to grow.

Q: What kind of web hosting do I need and where do I purchase?

A: No special hosting is necessary; the site can easily be hosted on any basic hosting account with no loading problems. We recommend www.namecheap.com.

Q: Do I own full ownership rights to the site?

A: Yes, you will be the registered owner of the domain name and will own 100% full ownership rights to the site so you can run and have the option to turn around and sell at any time.

Q: In Which platform this shop is made with?

A: These websites are made with WordPress, OpenCart, PHP/HTML,  so you can manage everything very easily through the dashboard and also you can add your own downloadables in future.


Q: How it Works?

Shop for products you want to buy. You may use the “Buy It Now!” button for single product purchase or use “Add to Cart” button for multiple purchase. You may use Coupon Codes here. After payment, you will immediately received your download link. Just wait for PayPal to redirect you automatically to the download page. You will also receive download links in your email. The download contain the blog’s files which includes the database, content, and design.Upload the blog’s file to your web host then run a virtually 3 step installation step and you will have a live website in less than 5 minutes.

Q: Where’s My Download Links? Can You Resend My Download Links?

If you didn’t receive download link/s to your email or you need a new download link, please email to:[email protected]

Q: What are the basic requirements to have these blogs installed?

You need to have your own web host and a domain name. If you want domain & hosting then please e-mail us: [email protected].

Q: Can You Install A Blog Kit On My Server For Me?

Yes, you can order installation service here or simply add it to your order at time of purchasing one of the blog packages.

Q: Can I edit/change/add/remove contents of the blog?

Yes, you can freely edit/change/add/removed ALL blog content including articles, images, and videos. If you are familiar with WordPress, you can change/correct/edit/add almost any content.

Q: Can I make some design customization?

All PLR blogs have a flexible theme that allow you to change the logo, fonts, colors, theme width, site background, sidebar position etc… See “Theme Settings and Management” on this page.

Q: Can I change the theme or add plugins?

Yes. Since all blogs are WordPress based, you can change the theme and add/remove plugins if you wish.

Q: Do I have to have an account with cPanel-based Web Hosts?

No. cPanel-based Web Hosts is recommended for those who don’t have a web host yet. As long as you have a compatible web host and know how to manage it, these blog packages can be quickly installed.

Please keep in mind, however, that with cPanel-based web hosts it’s easier for us to install and manage your site if requested.

Q: Do I need to sign up as an affiliate for Clickbank, Amazon, and Adsense?

No. You can replace those Clickbank, Amazon, and Adsense ads with your own product or any other affiliate products.The primary purpose of this product is to help you quickly get started with setting up a website/blog you can call your own.

Q: Can this be installed on wordpress.com, wix.com, blogger.com and other similar sites?

No. These products are designed for self-hosted WordPress only.


Q: I can’t login to WordPress admin? What’s the default username and password?

The login url format for WordPress sites is: http://yourdomainname.com/wp-admin
The default login name and password is included with each blog package. You should unzip the file on your computer and you should find the “Log in Details” text file where the login info and other installation details are found.

Q: I can’t login with the default password?

If default login details doesn’t work, you can change the password through your web host cPanel.

Q: Importbuddy.php is asking for a password?

The ImportBuddy password is included with the download file. Open the “Login Details” (notepad) file and you should see that password in the first 5 lines.

Q:When I click on another page than the home page I get a 500 Internal Server Error error?

Please use small caps only when assigning subdomain names. Instead of using BlogMarketing.mydoamin.com use blogmarketing.mydomain.com. Also, try not to include the www when installing under a subdomain.

Q: Can I change the footer link to your website? How do I do it?

To change the ReadyMadeWebsiteShop link on your footer, just go to WordPress Dashboard => Appearance => Customizer => Theme Settings then scroll down until you see the “Footer Settings” tab. Feel free to change that with your own link and keyword.

Q: Do you release products regularly?

Yes, our goal is to release at least 5 to 10 plr blogs per month. New products are displayed on ReadyMadeWebsiteShop frontpage. If you want, you can subscribe to our mailing list on https://www.readymadewebsiteshop.com/index.php?route=account/login and be the first to know when a new blog package is released.

Q. Do you sell 100’s of copies of the same website?

A: No. We limit the amount of each website only "ONE COPY" before we totally redesign the site and add new content and images. You shouldn’t worry about duplicate content as these sites have between 15 -20 articles that you are encouraged to replace and/or edit. Plus as you build your business and website you will be adding new content on the regular basis so your site will be unique.

If you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us here.